Sunday, June 8, 2014

Something About That Thing.

Hello darling,

 First of, so sorry for not posting in a couple of weeks! My daughter was sick, then my husband, then me! And on top of that I broke out with a horrible rash over my arms and hands.. later to find out it is a type of eczema- which is painful and sucks! But I am better now and ready to roll once again :)

 So I interviewed another blogger a couple of weeks ago and I was so pleased to find out how genuine she is, I seriously could truly feel her kind vibe though via emails!! no joke, have you ever felt that feeling before? Anyway here is a little bit about her, and make sure to go check out her blog!! 

 Jackie is stunning and stylish casual chic babe! She doesn't dress up all the way , but always well put together! She has curves of a sexy diva and has the style to show it off! She was inspired to create a blog through her boss- when he asked her "why not?" when she had replied to him she wasn't quite sure why she didn't have one! haha And she LOVES LOVES to blog! Even though it is hard to find time when she works full time and has a thousand things to do, she enjoys getting inspired by other bloggers and it is a creative outlet for her. Being able to be creative has forced her to be creative with how she dresses everyday. Her "go to" look is jeans, boyfriend cardigan and some spiced up shoes ;)! As you all know I always ask my bloggers to tell me one thing they love about themselves emotionally and physically. She loves her small waist, (killer bod with a dress!!!) And she loves the fact that even though she is hesitant on a lot of things, she is able to overcome it through doing some crazy things--like posting pictures on the internet! How awesome is she?! Go check her out and i'll be posting a new babe soon!