Thursday, March 20, 2014

She is someone you want to eat chocolate with!

I had the pleasure of getting to know a talented beautiful gal who loves chocolate like me! haha

Ana Meyer was born in Portugal and her parents are from Germany and Portugal. She has studied arts and is planning on getting her fashion marketing degree! Everywhere she went people complimented her style (can't blame them) and so she decided to show the world and hopefully inspire others. Her inspirations for styles are a combination of nature, street styles, architecture, bloggers, magazines and celebrities- which is what intrigued me to look at her blog and be inspired by her unique styles!  Some of her style icons include Olivia Palermo and Amy Phan. She also wishes she could live in every era for at least a day to rock the styles ;). She loves Egyptian era or the 80's so she could go clubbing with her mum. I mean, can she be more of a fashion goddess or what?!

And of course as a stylist you have your to go outfit, so I had to ask! She loves a good pair of jeans, a tee and blazer- oh and don't forget the accessories, a ring can make a huge difference! 

The one thing I love about Ana is how humble she is about who she is. When I asked her what she loved about herself, she replied "Physically I don’t know? You tell me. Maybe my eyes and my hair". Seriously? She is gorge!! And emotionally she is a caring person to her friends and family, and is very honest without hurting peoples feelings. 

She is a rock star and I hope you get to know her through her style like I have! I will be doing a new post with an "inspired outfit" from her interview! Here is her link and her gorge outfit post :) go take a peek ;)


Sunday, March 16, 2014

to the free spirit

Hello to my free spirit, open minded, loving, hugging, adventurous friends!

I have been pretty busy these past couple of months decluttering our home. It is no joke and HARD work! Plus being a SAHM makes me adapt to a different schedule everyday! Our home was built in the 1930's so its pretty old and vintage looking. I'll post pictures when done!

The purpose of this post is to let you know that I want to start getting to know all of you amazing bloggers out there! I don't really like to post pictures of myself but I love to see other awesome fashionistas (since I love fashion myself). I figured I need to start doing what I actually love doing-- Getting to know people! I want to start interviewing bloggers so we can get to know each other, accept and love other styles! Get inspired by others who have one thing in common- FASHION!

P.S if you want to be interviewed so others can be inspired by your styles, let me know and I will do!

Bloggers can be friends too!


I look like a weird fish but thats ok! haha