Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I found out my body shape!!! HOURGLASS , whats yours?!

Now ladies, we all have different styles, different sizes, different everything!!! But here is an easier way to do your shopping :) I went to this awesome website, answered a couple questions and found out what was my body shape :)!!!  I've always had my own style and what looks good on me, but it never hurts to have some extra help :) Remember to always be who you are and be your own stage! Wear what you want because of who you are and what you love on you!! But this is fun and gives you great ideas!!! :) xoxo MUMU, here are some hot clothes for an hourglass woman!

focus on the waist! belts make your figure look amazing!

boot cut flatters our bodies!!
show of your waist! look how amazing it looks!

vertical striped makes your torso look long :)
show that waist!!
balances your hips and makes you look super long and sexy!
cropped jacket!
sexy belted trench coat!!
show of your waist in a fun way!! 
And it had more awesome ideas!!! BUT remember to be who you are and make your own styles!! :) Just be confident and feel fabulous with what you wear!!!  check out more at

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finally organized my crazy,fun,sexy authentic jewelry!! :)

I have been trying to organize my jewelry for the past couple months with no success (sad face) !! And of course I wanted to do it the cheapest way possible without having to buy anything, and SO I went on my own hunt! And I found the coolest pieces at my boyfriends house, (his parents left some awesome stuff behind when they moved to New Mexico) .. I found a chest and an awesome little tiny winy vintage chair :) here are the pic's enjoy beautiful ladies, xoxo MUMU!

butterfly necklace holder!

see the vintage chest and chair?! :) 

my watch box is my ring box now :) sweet! 
beautiful!! <3
more bracelets! :) 
cheese grater for my earrings! :) 

used some vases as a bracelet holder! awesome idea I had!! 
Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles. ~Sonja Henie

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I make my own show!! do you?!!!

I have been visiting and I am in love and inspired by all these amazing designers!!! I love hearing stories, specially on sad days. When I doubt myself and my beauty and talent I go to this website as well as others I have found.! Here is a quote I enjoyed today! xoxo MUMU 

"Put on a show and people will come. You are your stage..." Lauren Adrian-Designer 

this is the jacket I bought this weekend!! I'll put up a pic this week of the outfit I came up with!
Remember to be who you are and let your style show who you are!! trends are great but euphoric trends are the best! If you love yourself enough you will find the confidence to wear what you want to show who you are!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LACE LACE and waitt for ittt MORE LACE!!!!

I love love love lace :) It is so romantic, and well I love anything that can look romantic :) and I love great deals,  so here ya go! Go shopping and buy your own lace tops to look romantic and chic! Pair it with some nice high waist pants, jeans or skirts! The possibilities are endless, oh and don't forget your hot shoes!! BTW WE ALREADY BOUGHT THE AUTHENTIC VINTAGE MACHINE, SO PREPARE FOR OUR VEGAN SHOES!!! XOXO MUMU
27.80 :)

19.80 :) A hint of lace :)
15.80 How cute is this?!