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Every time I come across something motivational and inspirational I write it down in my journal. Since this blog is about me, my life, my dreams, I though "why not share it with those who read my blog?!" I believe life is about love and loving life. I am grateful for my family and close friend. I am grateful for my health, life, and love. Here is a piece of my heart and I want to share it with all you wonderful beautiful people. If you have any comments about life experiences, inspirational quotes and fashion of course! and you would love to share feel free to email me at and I would have a special section so we can all enjoy life! Here are a few :) Stay positive and live your dreams!

I new inspirational mini interview :) I always like to check out different blogs that inspire me as a person, a women, a friend etc... I adore looking at euphoric bloggie's!!! here is an interview, get to know ediot a blogger who is inspired and loves making prints! check out her blog!! 

Oh here goes. I have no idea if it will work. sort of tricky questions. but fun to answer ;) thank you for contacting me
wish you all the best for 2012.

1: What inspired you to start this blog?
            A.I wanted to create myself a diary, which featured the inspiration I saw, the music I loved and the clothes I wanted

2: What do you love in life?
            A.I love so many things it's hard to put it all here in words, but the most important thing is the feel of security when I'm with my best friends, boyfriend, my family and my boyfriends family.(no specific order) That security and basis is the most important thing in my life.

3: What do you do when spending quality time alone?
            A. I like to keep myself extremely warm; I'm always sitting with a blanket, even in the summertime. What I'd be doing? Reading books, watching movies/ TV shows, or browsing the web for inspiration. 

4: What inspires you?
A.      I get inspired by traveling, people watching and reading magazines and reading blogs.

5: working on a new  print shop project soon?! :) 
A.      I have a few in mind, but I’m picky with what I choose to make.

6: If so, any clues?! how exciting!
            A. Clue. Maybe be making toide (cryptic?)
7: Any new years resolutions?!
            A. No I can't do those, since I'm bad at keeping promises I make for myself. 

Hope you ladies enjoyed this and are inspired to be who you are! we are all different and that is true beauty! BEAUTY DEFINED by who we are and who we can become!!!! YOU ROCK!
I asked ladies on my post title: 

EUPHORIC inspiring pieces! who's in? come on, I know you love it!!! what inspires who you are!?? be your own voice and person!

 to tell  me what inspires them to be who they are :) and I had one lady say this :
A minimal make-up and classy simple clothe's make me feel ME! :) I love that T-shirt about adopting a pinata! Love your inspirational picks!
Good luck!

Thank you so much for you what makes you, YOU! this is what I love :) reading what inspires other powerful ladies :) Love you all,
Monica :) 

December 21, 2011 
The meaning of friendship in my yellow book :) 
         This past month I have been thinking so much about life, about all the blessings in my life. About hope, about kindness and about friendship. Friendship is so important to me! I love meeting new people, every day I always find someone to be friendly to and every day I find people smiling back at me. It warms my heart to think how amazing humans can be and how one smile can really change your day a little brighter than before :)   And it's sad when I see people mistreating one another and not being kind, so I decided to throw this quote in for the week. Women can be so powerful, we are beautiful, smart and courageous. We are intelligent and independent. We are filled with love and compassion. It's sad when I see women being envy of someone else's shoes, or thinking her friend is cuter because shes skinnier. Or thinking as though we are in a race of beauty. WE ARE NOT! lets not be vain and insecure. Lets love ourselves to be able to love others. Lets make it a habit to be happy when other women succeed. Lets not be revengeful and unforgiving. Lets have love and kindness. Lets be ourselves to allow others to love us for who we are and the beauty inside. Lets be "real" friends :) Love you ladies! 

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend." 
- Albert Camus (also attributed to Maimonidies). Sent by clovers

November 25, 2011: If I feel inspired by a blog, I contact the individual and try to figure out why they do what they do, I ask questions and post it on here :) We all have different believes and it is good for all of us to be different or the world would be boring. This is the blog story :)
A couple days ago, probably a week ago I came across a blog, and as I started to read I could not get away from there! I felt intrigued by everything I read. This blog is a diary/comments of four individuals. The individual writes about their experiences, their feelings etc. So of course I felt inspired by this and felt the need to contact the owner of the blog and ask a couple questions :). The person's name is Avy and here are the questions I asked and the answers! :) I always feel inspired to hear other people's believes and opinions. I've never met this person yet it's amazing how different we all are from one another and yet feel inspired by someone's writings, art work, photography, and style. Enjoy beautiful people, remember be who you are and live a happy life! xoxo- Monica

I'm very flattered, thank you

1: What inspired you to start this blog?
ANSWER: I made a promise to someone and I don't like to violate a trust, even after they forgot about it.

2: Are all the characters in this blog true real people?
ANSWER: I really wish I could write something that was purely fictional, but that's not how life works for me. I try to protect some of them by not giving away too much, but all in all there is a reality behind every word.

3: It said's its true, just double checking.haha
ANSWER: Well...

4: What do you love in life?
ANSWER: Pretty things, even when they hurt. Sometimes they're even pretty because they hurt.

5:Will you ever write a novel?! you seriously should :)
ANSWER: hope not but I'm glad people seem to like what I have to say. So far anyway.

6: What do you do for fun?!
ANSWER: Laugh at people wearing Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts. They've just been ripped off like there's no tomorrow and still they smile about it.

7:What is one thing you think needs to change in this world?
ANSWER: People need to stop being so damn altruistic and realize there is no God.

8:What inspires you?
ANSWER:Things that make me angry. There always has to be something left to fight for, otherwise what's the point?



November 21, 2011 
I feel inspired today... Lately I have been very grateful for life and the great things that surround and happen to us each day.Lets be grateful!Lets not gossip, lets allow ourselves to accept others for who they are. We are all valuable, doesn't matter where we come from! I'm getting so sick of hearing some people gossip about others. Ladies, lets uplift one another, lets be confident in knowing that we are ALL DIFFERENT. Someone I knew died just a week ago, a couple days later I found out my friends cousin past away as well. It breaks my heart to know that we are all blessed to be living and yet sometimes we take advantage of the things we DO have. Lets be grateful for our lives and for our true friends. Lets be each others inspirations and lets me inspired. 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."--Henry David Thoreau

"Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold; the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul."--Democritus

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."--Theodore Roosevelt