Thursday, February 23, 2012

I found out my body shape!!! HOURGLASS , whats yours?!

Now ladies, we all have different styles, different sizes, different everything!!! But here is an easier way to do your shopping :) I went to this awesome website, answered a couple questions and found out what was my body shape :)!!!  I've always had my own style and what looks good on me, but it never hurts to have some extra help :) Remember to always be who you are and be your own stage! Wear what you want because of who you are and what you love on you!! But this is fun and gives you great ideas!!! :) xoxo MUMU, here are some hot clothes for an hourglass woman!

focus on the waist! belts make your figure look amazing!

boot cut flatters our bodies!!
show of your waist! look how amazing it looks!

vertical striped makes your torso look long :)
show that waist!!
balances your hips and makes you look super long and sexy!
cropped jacket!
sexy belted trench coat!!
show of your waist in a fun way!! 
And it had more awesome ideas!!! BUT remember to be who you are and make your own styles!! :) Just be confident and feel fabulous with what you wear!!!  check out more at


  1. Stunning trench.

    Love from South Africa

  2. Great post! Lots of inspiration here:)

  3. love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other with Google?


  4. lovely post!! and thnx so much for your sweet comment!
    I think that if you don't have enough confidence, you will never be true to your own style :)


  5. thanks for sharing! i've always wanted to find out what body shape i really have

  6. Tanks for your visit. I follow you too!

  7. This is awesome. Thanks for the link. I think i know what shape I am, but might as well make sure.

  8. TOtally agree with you to stay who you are and be real to yourself! You go girl!! I like your last picture too! I think skirt that show-off your waist is great!

  9. interesting web!! I'm gonna check it right now! :)
    thanks for sharing


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  11. Oh i took the test and im a rectange? haha, weird.. i used to think i was an hourglass/pear. :) Thanks for sharing all the tips, on what to wear for this shape. Followed you on bloglovin'.
    Much love, Gabriele. xx

  12. Nice post!! Thanks for sharing!
    Keep the good work up!
    If you're interested in following each other, let me know!

    X, Ancia

  13. ahaha cute post, and great blog! following xx

  14. Belts are definitely a great way to emphasize -- or fake! -- an hourglass shape. Thanks for sharing! xo style, she wrote

  15. nice post!! thanks for sharing!

  16. the skirts look so cool,, perfect retro look and so feminine!!!

  17. Mine is pear shape. Some sites say triangle. I'm assuming it means pear shape.

    Apparently V Necks are great and aline skirts.