Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inspirational designer for this week! Francesca Miranda :)

 I'm a girl who's proud of her roots and enjoys sharing it with others! I am from El Salvador, and I realized the other day that one of my favorite designers is also from El Salvador. I love my culture and it will always have an influence on my fashion world! So that means I'm glad I found FRANCESCA MIRANDA!! WOOOHOOOO!!! I'm cheering right now! Francesca became a designer with Oscar de la Renta (another great designer)She specialized in Fashion Merchandising and began to design under the Xango brand in 1995. Her 2001 collection was inspired by the works of the Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez. In 1983 she moved to her husband's hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia, where she opened her first boutique. This was successful enough to warrant opening a new store in Bogotá, Colombia. Her first boutique outside Colombia was opened in El Salvador.

  Isn't Miranda amazing! I love her couture style! :) enjoy :)

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