Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beautiful Heather..I call her "tiger". haha

Okie so this is Heather. A beautiful young lady :). She's smart, loving, kind and married! :) How cute is she?! :) I had the opportunity to style her on this amazing photo shoot. The pictures were taking near a lake in South Jordan, Utah. I had so much fun with her, she allowed me to try ANYTHING on her, and she enjoyed every minute of it! Here are some pics, more to come soon!! I tried some fall trends. Different patterns mixed together. Layering pieces together (like seen with the dresses). I also added a "pop" of bright colors with neutral or dark colors to make the outfits a little more with personality! Enjoy beautiful people :) remember style never fades!!


  1. We just love your blog, so if you check out our blog, you'll see we put you on the list for an award. Please let us know 7 things about you! :D