Monday, November 14, 2011

9th and Fontain eco-friendly online boutique :)

 Ok so lets just say that I am IN LOVE with the pieces these amazing girls have found/created. They have so much creativity and love for what they do. I am proud to say that I know one of these young ladies, and I know she works hard at what she does and has so much love for her passions, dreams and life. Lets get to know these amazing ladies, here is their story!  enjoy beautiful ladies and friends! Check out their amazing creations and shop for your own eco-friendly pieces at 
We (Julianka and Kristie Danielle) were arch-nemesis at the start of our college days.  It wasn’t until Julianka studied abroad, that we became friends through our pen pal letters, which unraveled our mirrored interests, love for creativity, green living and our dreams of one day opening a vintage clothing boutique.  Soon after, we began collecting unique vintage pieces and designing sustainable jewelry over tea, childhood stories and dreams sprinkled with our imagination.  Fontain Street in Philadelphia is where we cemented our friendship. The number 9 represents Julianka’s divine number and is associated with Kristie Danielle's’s astrological planet, the moon.  Together, 9th and Fontain represents “a single soul dwelling in two bodies”, green living, friendship and peace. 
Our online boutique specializes in vintage clothing and handmade jewelry crafted from sustainable materials.  When designing our jewelry, we combine modern and vintage pieces to craft unique, one of a kind jewels.  We believe that it is our social responsibility to eliminate the environmental impact of factory produced clothing.  Thus, our philosophy is to reduce waste by shopping vintage because vintage shopping equals sustainable shopping.  9th and Fontain will continue to illustrate the evolution of our friendship while we continue to connect with other women and promote individuality. It is a reflection of us and our personal style at one point in our lives. So get ready to get lost in timeless threads, never-fading fabrics, and nostalgic memories of your grandmother’s long lost wardrobe.

Check out their blog at : 

 Here are some of their amazing pieces and the founders of 9thandfontain Kristie Danielle and Julianka! :) 
Sonia Rykeil Black and Yellow Collared Sweater Rykeil black and yellow sweater $35.00
1970s Floral Print Turtleneck Sweater 1970's Floral Print Turtleneck $25.00

Etienne Aigner Red Reptile-Textured  Leather Wallet Etienne Aigner Red texture wallet $30.00

Pharrell Williams , Kristie and Julianka at 

“Qream” launch party in DC

                                              how cute can they be???!!!! :)

wearing a 9th and Fontain nose piece (SHOP FONTAIN)
 Julianka :)

9th and Fontain promotes green living, peace, and female unity. 
Lets promote individuality like they do, lets be powerful women. Lets show our  amazing true colors. We are smart, loving, beautiful individuals! 


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