Thursday, December 29, 2011

My nickname is "MUMU" this is my euphoric self! get to know me! who are YOU??!!!!

"Mumu" is what my family calls me as well as beatie by some friends! I always post pics of my my models from the photo shoots i've styled, but never of me! I figured you gals have to get to know me as well! Decided to post some pics, here ya go beautiful ladies! From now on I will be referring to myself as MUMU! Here are some pics with my favorite pieces to wear :)

Yes I love to be fun and dorky!

I love these boots! I wear the pearly shirt and boots all the time!

I love these salmon colored pants from anthropologie :)

I love this euphoric style!

So here you have a couple outfits I love! I love all these pieces because I can wear them with anything! I can dress down the shirt or dress it up! and well the boots are fab :) vegan of course :) xoxo MUMU

Here is a piece I am planning to buy next week for the new year, and of course to wear after too! :)

Sequinner's Circle Silver Sequin Dress  - Click Image to Close


  1. Firstly, you're stinkin' adorable!!! 2nd, i'm completely with you with those salmon pants! 3rd... you're booty-licious and I'm soooo jealous!!! like soooooooo jealous ;)
    4th, I'm glad you shared pictures of you with us :) 5th, I'm all for the dorky shots too! I'm such a dork, I'm sometimes suprised how good my blog photos hide it. KEY: Just take a lot and pick through!

  2. Hi dear, that is one cute outfit, I must tell you that you have a very bright & lovely smile. Its a great asset to have, and not everyone does.

  3. way too cute!

    thanks for stopping by my blog :) i'm now following!


  4. Thanks for your kind comment, I am following you with Bloglovin

  5. Thanks so very much for the sweet comment and for following me :)

    Don't you just LOVE Anthro?! Those pants are great and you are too adorable! I have always wanted to work there just for the discounts haha


  6. Your blog is adorable, and so are you! I love the positive vibe.

    And thank you for visiting mine and for the sweet comment. Please keep in touch.

  7. Happy New Year 2012!

    Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!


    My Lyfe ; My Story

  8. Great character photos)

  9. just came across your blog and we must say it is amazing!
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