Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday Fantastic. with a blue/purple weird looking skirt.

Hello awesome bloggers!!

I am back on my move! (meaning back to blogging again). Oh how I missed posting on here :(
First let me explain why I haven't lately-- I was visiting family so obviously I was too busy spending time with them :))) and my husband has a total whack new schedule at work plus school so I've been pretty busy with babe! Today my lover decided to take some pictures of me, and let me tell you moments like these I will never forget! He took about hmmm 1 million pictures!! haha but I love it when hes the one taking pictures because I feel like I am myself 100%! So here are a couple :) I decided to wear my blue/purple striped weird looking skirt that I LOVE, and an amazing comfortable t shirt! oh yes and my boots!! oh wait wait, my rebel lipstick from mac ;)

BTW I decided to hide the scale downstairs (my husband did it for me) so I will never find it!! I know I will get back to my healthy size but I want to enjoy being healthy and losing weight without being so paranoid about my weight! like HELLO we all know its good to be healthy, and I think its a personal journey so who the F**K cares what I look like in the meantime! I love style and I want to enjoy wearing my boho/hippie styles - so whatev if I look 10 lb heavier because wearing a big wavy shirts make me look bigger. so what if I wear my flat booties with a long skirt and it makes me look shorter! it's my own style and I feel beautiful with it who cares!! I think style is about being inspired by yourself not by what society thinks you should wear!

Love you. I really do. peace and love. XOXO


babes ready to take some pics :) 


  1. your blog is amazing! you look fabulous, and yes! wear what you want! you are right, it is your style and that is a wonderful thing!I take no notice of scales or society!, I eat well, have fun and wear what I like, which makes me happy! p.s. your little girl is so adorable! x x x

  2. Hi dear, you have such a lovely blog! Maybe we can follow each other on GFC and on the other social networks?! Let me know, i’ll following u back with pleasure :) ♥

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  3. Gorgeous lipstick.


  4. awww cute photos!! do you want to follow each other? let me know =)

  5. Hi dear, your photos are so sweet, and thats a very cute skirt! Hope you have a productive week ahead sweetheart!

  6. Love the last picture! :)

    Just followed you back via bloglovin. :)


  7. Nice blog, lovely family :)