Monday, July 14, 2014

Eat. Pray. Love. Repeat

You know the Eat Pray Love book and movie? I think we can all use a little bit of that. So let me take a moment to express my thoughts as they ramble in my head and I'll try my best to type it on here trying to make some sense out of it. Haha! 

We had a pretty amazing day today, enjoyed a nice Sunday morning, found some amazing costume made rings at the flea market, and attended a family BBQ who were all amazing and kind. We got home and as we were trying to figure out what to watch Eat Pray Love was thought about, and so what did I do? Watched it! LET me just say that, I am in love with the movie every time I watch it! It always teaches me a little something about life and happiness : ) I realized that every time I fear something and I decide to just let go I succeed in anything I want! I feel whole and at peace, and for me that is enough. I had the fear of labor, and now I have the most incredible daughter. I had a fear of giving up on trying to "run" and now I have been running for almost two months! I had a fear of body image and now I couldn't be happier in my own skin. I had a fear of not having money to travel to different places with my little family and now I am saving money for us to enjoy the world a little more. You see, if we just let things go we can accomplish so much. Joyful are we. Happy are we. Like in the book “To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life" Elizabeth Gilbert.  We all have our own happy lives and dreams, and we can always find a way to do the things we love. It doesn't have to be the way the world wants it to be or how society expects our lives to be. It can be our own paths we create and in those paths we leave memories forever. 


Happiness is finding amazing rings at the flea markets! 

Found this vintage hopscotch vest at the flea market today :) 


  1. Such an amazing and inspiring post! I've never seen eat pray love but I'm definitely going to watch it! And your daughter is sooo cute!

  2. really great post!

  3. I am completely in love with the thoughts behind this book and film. I'm a firm believer that we should all lose ourselves from time to time, only to find ourselves again as wiser and more contented souls.

    Jemma // Jemma In Words

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  5. Oh very cute pics!