Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Ellie from and I were able to try out a new product by Resqueeze recently. I seriously wish I knew about these awesome reusable pouches sooner! Both of our kids love snacking on delicious recipes we create to put inside of the pouches. They can be used for baby food or as a snack on the go! One of my favorite recipes to make is a mix of banana, strawberries and spinach and is a perfect way for Gracie to get veggies and not even know it! Ellie loves how big the pouches are and even takes one as a quick snack for herself when her days get hectic. What we love about the pouches is we are able to freeze them over night and take them wherever we go for the next day. This allows us to get out the door faster and we all know that helps when we have little ones. They are easy to wash and the easiest way to get your kids to snack healthy! Ellie and I have enjoyed using them with our little ones! Here are some recipes if you would like to try them out. Make sure to visit their website at

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Fruitie Tuttie:
Vanilla Yogurt

Coconut Juice

Here our are little ones enjoying the resqueeze pouches :)

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  1. they are so adorable!
    but I loved squeeze juices too when I was a kid.
    cool review.

    Ms. Kei