Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No longer the center of the universe


If you read this title and you are a mother then you know why. If you read this and have had some powerful moments in life, then you know why! As for me--from the moment my little Gracie was born it was all about adapting to her needs, giving her all the love I had just gained from looking in her eyes. I knew in that moment I was no longer the center of the universe, but she was. Of course, I need to take care of myself and follow my passion, but this is different. It is a kind of love that no one can take away, even if they were the most powerful, magical human being. No no, it won't happen! "Love liberates" like Maya Angelou once said. Motherhood has allowed me to see life in a whole new way and grow as a person. I have felt more powerful physically and mentally than I have ever had. It is hard at times but the rewards I get for my soul are endless, the lessons I learn every single day are incredible. Anyway just wanted to share a little something that has been on my mind today. Lets empower one another as women, no greed, no vanity, no jealousy. Just love, acceptance, forgiveness, and that self love I talked about last time :) What do you ladies think? this isn't just for mothers but for all of us women. Whether you are a mother or not, we can all have this amazing feeling. I have learned from motherhood, how have any of you ladies felt that "AHA!!!" moment in life?! 


This book is one of my favorites :) I was so anxious and excited when I was reading the end! 

Mi amor