Monday, September 8, 2014

How To Love Yourself Intro:

OK ladies, you know this is a big deal! LOVE is a four letter word but holds so much meaning. Before I go on to talk about this recurring topic I will be posting about, let me explain why I decided to post on this subject. For many years I always felt that I could be thinner, always felt like I could look better, if it wasn't one thing it was another. If I was a size 10, I needed to be a size 8 just to look a little better. If I was a size 8 I needed to be a size 6--just to look better than I did before. I was never truly happy with who I was, and I felt as though the only way I was truly going to feel my best was if I lost "just" a little weight. Then pregnancy came a long and I gained more than I had even imagined! I was so scared to look like someone else. My beautiful angel came along and I thought things would go back to normal, only to realize it was harder than I thought it would be to loose weight this time. For months--and I mean MONTHS I cried myself to sleep, feeling pity for myself and a failure for not getting back to my size 8 jeans. I was terrified of what others would think and feel towards me, because for years I only saw myself as a failure and a "not so important" kinda human being. Having my daughter made me face the demons I had hid for so long. And so this is where we get to this point! I have freed myself from so many lies I told myself! And though I still need to learn more, I wanted to give some tips and share my stories with any one out there who has felt the same way as me! Anyone who is a mother and has had to redefine your self love and what it truly means to love yourself. For any single ladies who thought the only way to love yourself was by what size of jeans you wore. To those who are struggling, you my darling, are beautiful

I will posting the steps I took to have self love, and steps I am still taking so that maybe someone out there who is going through the struggles I went through can maybe see just how beautiful life can be-just the way you are! Can't wait to share the first step I took with you gals this week :) talk to you soon!

These next recurring posts my friends with be raw and show my journey, hope you can join me!

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