Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wedding Bliss

Hello gals! Last week I wasn't able to post much because I was having some fun in sin city. Yes, that is Vegas baby! 

My little bundle of joy fam bam went to Vegas! It was definitely a treat for us to take a nice little road trip and enjoy every second of it. Our little chick didn't nap the whole 6 hours there!!! I was amazed by how awesome she did, we stopped a couple of times of course but she was such a trooper!  I have a couple of surprises coming up so stay tuned ;) Here are some pictures from Vegas! 


and after ;)

Simple little outfit :) 

Can't go out with the "couple selfie" haha

Trying to look cute with my hair blowing all over the place. ha!

And the FAM BAM!

Have an amazing weekend friends! Talk to you soon!!

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